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Newsletter #4 117
Final International Exchange of the Grey4Green Project in Iceland: a volcanic experience 120
Second International Exchange of the Grey4Green Project in Aarhus: raising their voice 29
Seniors plogging in Lousada 78
First International Exchange of the Grey4Green Project in Lousada: an engaging experience 449
Newsletter #3 499
The elderly of Lousada have already started the plantation season! 385
Empowering Senior Citizens for Environmental Volunteering Action: in January the first Multinational Exchange in Lousada 453
Seniors and climate issues – for the benefit of both: a pioneering initiative from Iceland 201
Green sustainable habits – how do we get everyone on board? 132
In December we celebrate the International Volunteer Day 135
Active Ageing and Nature Conservation: the second Grey4Green Training Course in Strasbourg 125
Newsletter #2 465
The second Training course on active ageing and nature conservation is underway! 378
Plastic Free July: A Global Movement to Reduce Plastic Pollution 408
The Iceland Conservation Volunteer (ICV) programme has started! 270
Active Ageing and Nature Conservation – Training Course for personnel working with senior citizens and active ageing programmes 237
Introducing Citizen Science through the Intergenerational Approach 693
Sit-In for Climate Change 676
Newsletter #1 707
The Grey4Green consortium met for its third transnational project meeting and the first training activity took place 884
The Grey4Green consortium will meet in Aarhus for the second Transnational Meeting of the project 969
Grey4Green brought together different generations into volunteering actions 705
First presentation of the project to Icelandic organisations 737
The Grey4Green project was presented at the national BioFòrum Conference (Portugal) 677
Vildskoven lever videre (The wild forest lives on) 710
Get involved and make a difference! 642
Get Greener: subscribe to the Grey4Green newsletter! 919
The Grey4Green project kick-off in Reykjavik 646
Welcome to the Grey4Green Project 821

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