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Sit-In for Climate Change

Last May 13, the Bedsteforældres Klima Aktion (BK, Grandparents for Climate Action) conducted a silent sit-in for the climate in the heart of Aarhus city. It was a quiet demonstration for 2 hours. Both grandparents and their grandchildren made their own placards expressing what they feel about the urgency of doing something to reverse climate change and how the local policies being implemented in Aarhus affect the future.









It was a great experience that attracted much more attention. Now, people came up and expressed solidarity with them, and some even gave them high fives.

The members of BK handed out flyers in the pedestrian zone. BK is again planning a similar action on June 21st in front of the City Hall, where the City Council expects the final adoption of the port expansion.

For more information visit the BK website or their Facebook page.

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