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Volunteer Center Aarhus


Region: Aarhus, Jutland

About the organization

In Aarhus Denmark, we are lucky to have The Volunteer Center that is for everyone who wants to engage in volunteering  or volunteer associations in Aarhus. Our goal is to make it easy to get involved in the local civic society. They exist to support local volunteer associations and NGO’s. They can become members and utilize the meeting rooms as well as receive assistance regarding fundraising, project development, volunteer management, communication and PR. The center conducts workshops and courses for volunteers and facilitate networks between NGO’s, public administration and private companies. Are you in Denmark for a longer period and want to get to know others and become integrated in the society? Have you considered doing volunteer work, but don’t know how to get started? The Volunteer Center can connect you with a wide network of non-profit organizations in Aarhus which are in need of volunteers for various kinds of social projects. Come meet with one of the Volunteer Center’s guides for a personalized, informal conversation about volunteering. They will talk with you about your interests as well as your expectations for volunteer work, and serve as a guide to the city’s many volunteer organizations. Please be aware that the center cannot help you find volunteer work if you are not currently in Denmark.

Areas of Intervention


Social inclusion

Community involvement

Active aging

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