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Re-pair Café


Region: Jutland, Cental region

About the organization

A repair cafe is a place where volunteers help you repair clothes and items that would otherwise be thrown away. A repair cafe is typically open 1-4 times a month at a variety of locations across the country. You can find addresses and opening hours on this page by searching for a repair cafe. Café is a non-profit organisation. The purpose of Repair Cafe Denmark is to reduce waste, change consumption patterns and create knowledge and desire for a green transition. We do this at local non-profit repair cafés by showing consumers that it is possible to repair things rather than just throwing them away and buying new ones. In practice, Repair Cafe Denmark is influencing consumers’ thinking about the circular economy.

Repair Cafe Denmark is already helping Danes move away from the throw-out-and-buy-new culture. The purpose is to create community across social, cultural, political and religious differences. But not least, we want to help save the climate. We do this by contributing to the reduction of waste, changing consumption patterns and creating knowledge and desire for a green transition.

But it’s not just the throw-away-buy-new culture we want to change, in the longer term, the plan is to influence legislation so that things are more likely to be produced with the possibility of repair – and that’s not always easy. Many products are deliberately designed not to be able to be taken apart and have spare parts replaced. We will work to reduce the production of products that cannot be repaired. Manufacturers should be certified with a trade mark when developing products where parts can be easily replaced. We want the right to repair.

Together we have a huge responsibility for the environment – and now is the time to act! We can do this by maintaining and recycling. As a consumer, it must be easy and cheap to repair, so we can minimise waste and CO2 emissions.

Areas of Intervention


Environmental awareness
Social inclusion
Community involvement
Active aging

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